Feasibility Study in Calgary

At Outlandish Design Inc., we conduct Feasibility studies for a wide range of assets, including vacant parcels, infill lots, inner-city lots, multifamily complexes, commercial retail properties, gas stations, hotels etc. An architectural feasibility analysis aids real estate developers and investors in determining the viability of their property development plans. This entails researching specific goals that will influence the size, cost, and utilization of the development. Architectural feasibility studies reduce project risk by ensuring that all development objectives are achievable within the constraints of the building and zoning codes.
An architectural feasibility study is the first step in any real estate development project. Clarifying all of the development goals is crucial in starting this process, whether it is maximizing apartment units, parking, or height, as this allows the design team to prioritize what is most important for the client. The ultimate objective of the study is to produce documents that prove that all goals can be met by showing the building size or area, height, and approximate shape.

We work with planners and architects to ensure the greatest possible development. Inquire about our previous projects, clients, and qualifications.

Site Constraints:

Physical limitations on potential constructions are imposed by topography. Gradient variations can have a significant impact on building foundations and everything else.

Space Planning & Area Plans:

We make sure we have enough room to complete the project's objectives. In any proposed project, we might examine the number of residential units, commercial square footage, or parking spaces.

Zoning Codes:

Codes differ from county to county, which can be problematic. We have developed zoning experience in a complex city like Philadelphia, therefore we are skilled in zoning code analysis everywhere we go.

Bonuses & Special Designations:

Customers might not be aware of some incentives, such as bonuses for affordable housing, sustainability, or commercial activity. A  property could also occasionally be situated in a special designation. 

How we work

  • Project Evaluation

Understanding the development's aims is the initial stage. By talking about these objectives, our design team may be more explicit in their analysis and satisfy those "must haves."

  • Determining the massing

We first draught an initial massing after specifying the site's zoning-related parameters. The building footprints on each floor are done through 3D massing. Your real estate project begins to take shape here!

  • Detailed Drawings

All of the units depicted inside that massing will be included in a proper feasibility assessment. The feasibility study's goal is to obtain a general understanding of the project's scope.

  • Feasibility package

An appealing graphic that combines a cogent architectural feasibility to give the most accurate picture of the potential development. We strongly advise that 3D graphics be included in your offering.

What we offer