Building Permit Drawing Services in Calgary

A professional build comes with a slew of code requirements and documentation. As a busy business or homeowner, governmental rules and processes may seem confusing and time consuming.
Whatever your project may be; be it an addition, a renovation or a new build, your first step is to obtain Building Permit Drawings that are provided by us, and then issued to the city for approval. At Outlandish Design Inc. we are here to help with the process. We will work with you to create these drawings and submit the permit application and ensure that your project stays on track. We will toil tirelessly to expedite your construction permits and assist you move things along with our local knowledge.

Many residential or commercial remodeling projects and upgrades require that the owners get the necessary permits. The purpose of the permit is to ensure that both the project plans and the completion of the work comply with local standards and building code requirements. These codes are intended to ensure the safety of the current homeowner and whoever buys the home.


Detached garages are perfect if you don’t have enough space in your home for activities, storage, office space or anything else you may desire. We are experienced in providing permit drawings for detached garages that meet all standards.


If you are planning on tackling a basement renovation soon, you will first want to consider what regulations you are faced with when it comes to this kind of project.


Adding a secondary suite to your home can help with housing costs and adds affordable housing options to your neighborhood. We can help you get the right permits in place for your secondary suite to ensure it is safe and meets all the requirements.


We specialize in building permit drawings for Commercial spaces and have detailed knowledge about the latest requirements from the municipalities for various types of construction projects.

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